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Red Surcos registers nanotechnology-based pesticides in Eastern Europe

19 Jul 2017

Argentinean agrochemical company Red Surcos, a pioneer in the application of nanotechnology in agricultural products, has achieved an approval of patents for some agricultural inputs in some strategic countries, such as the major producing countries of Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. 
“Agriculture is shrinking in Western Europe and is bigger and bigger in the East, in countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, and some neighboring Asian countries, such as Kazakhstan. Therefore, we have started a large procedure of patenting several of our products in 2012 and we recently succeed with three very important products,” explained Sebastián Calvo, president of the company.
The products approved are 2,4-D, dicamba and picloram which could control broadleaf weeds in winter crops in regions that need a lot of water. The sales of these products will start in the next season and would be supplied by the company’s plants located in Florencia Varela (Buenos Aires) and Recreo (Santa Fe). 
The products with nanotechnology manufactured in Florencio Varela and in Recreo have multiple advantages for the Argentine producer that already uses them.

“We are going to at least double production of these products in our Argentinean plants, because the demand there is so high given the enormous wheat area,” said Calvo. “Besides, in these regions there are no products for agriculture, such as nanotechnology, which we pioneered in Argentina.” Calvo added that the company has been selling these products in the market for 15 years.
“We want to diversify the markets in which we have a presence, so that we face different economic situations in different countries that are not bad or good at the same time. Something similar has happened with the climate situation that impacts the agricultural business. We lower the risks that we are exposed to as a company and improve our sustainability,” explained Calvo.
“The patents that we received and the interest that exists in these markets confirms the strong innovation, and that means nanotechnology for the phytosanitary and the unstoppable trend of global diffusion in the advances that could be used in agriculture,” stated the president of Red Surcos. 
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